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General news articles about exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke

Very High Smoke Levels in Bars

According to an article in the Akron Beacon Journal [ed update: Article now archived and needs registration for access], extremely high particle levels over 2,000 μg m-3 have been recorded in a bar in Ohio. Mark Travers of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, who is an expert in measuring secondhand smoke levels, called it "the single most polluted bar we've seen in the U.S". Many states around the country are starting to enact bans on smoking in indoor workplaces to protect workers.

What conditions might lead to the observed particle levels? Try to simulate them using the new bar and restaurant model.


Restricting Parents From Smoking

Today there appeared an article in the Washington Times describing efforts to stop parents from legally smoking around children. The focus seems mostly on foster parents. Should we try to legislate smoking in the home? Is this a privacy issue? We are willing to legislate against child abuse and legislate the use of child restraints in cars. Is protecting a child from exposure to secondhand smoke in the home any different? Your comments are welcome.



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