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Do you have some information about test chambers for ETS? I'm looking for information on chambers for smoke dispersion testing, not for exposure testing.
Got some information at the Legacy Tobacco Documents Library. There is this study from RJ Reynolds, "A TEST CHAMBER AND INSTRUMENTATION FOR THE ANALYSIS OF ENVIRONMENTAL TOBACCO SMOKE (ETS)".


A New Two-Zone Flash-Based Tutorial

I just added a new Flash-based tutorial on the two-zone mass balance model. This tutorial allows you to interactively explore the effect of different parameters on the transport of pollution generated in one room to an adjacent room. In the future, I will be adding more Flash-based tutorials, and I will create Flash simulations of secondhand smoke exposure aimed at different audiences.



Flash-Based Car Exposure Simulation

This is the first interactive flash-based simulation at SimSmoke.Org. Please "play" with the car exposure simulation below, which features integrated instructions. When you are done using the simulation, please take a survey.

[Ed. note: The embedded flash does not seem to work with some versions of Internet Explorer. If you do not see an embedded flash animation below, please click on this link. You will need the Adobe Flash Player to see this simulation.]

New Study on Secondhand Smoke in Cars

A new study has been completed by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health showing that levels of secondhand smoke particles in cars can reach dangerous levels, even when windows are open. Based on 45 trials, they report that peak levels with closed windows were over 500 μg m-3, on average, and peak levels with open windows were about 100 μg m-3, on average. See if you can simulate levels of this magnitude using the vehicle simulation model available on this website.

An article describing the study is appearing in the November 2006 issue of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine and can be downloaded.

Vaughan Rees, the lead author on the paper, says that “The smoke particle levels we measured are alarming and are above the threshold for what’s considered unhealthy for sensitive groups — people like children and the elderly."




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