Residential Exposure

Book page on residential exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke

Belmont, CA Bans Smoking in Apartments

The city of Belmont, California has passed a law banning smoking inside multi-unit housing. Soon, we at SimSmoke.Org will offer tools to explore exposures caused by leakage or drift of secondhand smoke between apartment or condominium units.



New Research on Residential Secondhand Smoke Exposure

Two new research papers on the simulation of exposure to secondhand smoke occurring in residences are being published in the journal Atmospheric Environment, authored by Dr. Neil Klepeis and Prof. William Nazaroff. (links: 1 , 2).

These papers contain detailed simulation results of likely exposures that can occur in homes for a variety of ventilation conditions and occupant behavior patterns.



Two-Zone House Model

This simulation is of one or two smokers in a two-zone house over a 12-hour period where each zone is well-mixed.

You may select the volume of each zone (m3), the overall rate of outdoor air exchange (h-1), which is apportioned to each zone according to their volumes, the air flow rate between zones (m3 h-1), which is currently the same in each direction, and the total number of cigarettes smoked in each zone.

The cigarettes are assumed to be smoked at even intervals.

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