Bar and Restaurant Exposure

Book page on bar and restaurant exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke

Bar and Restaurant Model

This simulation is of smokers in an enclosed (indoor) bar or restaurant over a 2-hour period where there are designated smoking and nonsmoking rooms. The two rooms are well-mixed and connected by a doorway or open passage.

You may select the dimensions of each room (Length x Width x Height in feet), the overall rate of outdoor air exchange (h-1), which is apportioned to each room according to their volumes, the air flow rate between zones (m3 h-1), which is currently the same in each direction, and the total number of cigarettes smoked in the smoking room of the venue over the 2-hour period.

Multiple smokers can be active simultaneously. Each cigarette lasts 10 minutes. Cigarette starting times are assigned randomly. A given cigarette has an equal chance of being lit during any minute of the 2-hour period.

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